Frequently Asked Questions

You've asked - we've answered. We are here to help you better understand what is often misunderstood, and here are some things we are frequently asked.

How is this pump 100% Recyclable?

As a sustainable brand, Renpure looks to make its packaging better for the environment. So we are now using pumps that do not include a spring. Most pumps on the market have a metal spring inside that must be removed before recycling. Renpure’s new pump contains no spring, so when the package is empty, you can simply rinse the bottle and toss both pieces directly into the recycle bin.

Why do I get a smaller volume of product coming out with each pump?

With our new pumps, we are giving consumers more control over the amount of product being used. So you may notice that a smaller amount of product comes out with each pump. If you have short hair, a pump or two may be enough. With longer hair, you may need a few extra pumps. By dispensing a smaller volume, you can use the exact right amount of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash without overusing or wasting.

How do I open the pump properly?

Step 1: Grip the colored band with fingers
Step 2: Twist band clockwise until it clicks
Step 3: Allow 10 pumps before product dispenses

Are the products biodegradable?

Our products contain a high percentage of plant-based ingredients allowing the majority of the contents to be biodegradable. It’s never good to dispose of any products anywhere but a government sanctioned location, but if you must dispose of any leftovers, check local regulations.

Are the products Gluten Free?

Although there are no gluten containing ingredients within our formulas, we cannot guarantee that there is no contamination when these ingredients are being formulated, mixed or bottled.

Are the products safe for kids?

Renpure is designed for the entire family, therefore they are suitable for kids as well. However, keep in mind children may have more sensitive skin. Patch test prior to use is advised. Apply the product as directed to a small area for 24-48 hours to test if any irritations occur. If any redness, burning, itching or irritations occur, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Are the products safe on color treated hair?

Our products are safe to use on color treated hair, however, please keep in mind optimum color protection is dependent on several factors that we cannot control. This includes hair texture, type of color and quality of color. We cannot guarantee products will not strip hair color, please use with caution. Patch test prior to use is advised. Apply the product as directed to a small area for 24-48 hours to test if any color is affected.

Are the products Silicone Free?

There is a small percentage of silicone in our products to help condition and protect hair. However, we will be moving away from silicones in our 2023 developments.

Are the products Sulfate Free?

Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate and Olefin Sulfonate are commonly mistaken for Sulfate. We do not use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) in our formulas as they can be very harsh and damaging to the hair. Instead, we use alternatives such as, Sodium Sulfate, Sulfonate, Sulfoacetate, or Sulfosuccinate, which are much less harmful. These ingredients may sound similar and have similar functions, but they can have a significantly different impact on hair.

Are the products tested on animals?

We are a PETA cruelty-free certified brand. Though we do not test any of our products on animals, we do have a few collections that contain ingredients that are animal derived (silk and collagen). Aside from this, majority of our products are vegan.

Are the products Vegan?

Majority of our products are all Vegan. Except for our Biotin & Collagen line and Keratin & Argan. (This line uses fish derived oils).

Do the products contain any preservatives?

Yes, they do. We use them in very small amounts to ensure that no microorganisms growth occurs. Keeping you safe is important to us. When used, we are following strict government regulations.

Do you use palm oil?

At Renpure, we support suppliers of palm derived material from the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) manufactures. RSPO certified manufacturers only obtain their palm supplies from sustainable sources.

To learn more about RSPO, please visit their website

What are the fragrances composed of?

Our team carefully selects fragrances which are chosen to enhance your experience. Our Renpure fragrances are a combination of blended essences, to provide the most enjoyable aroma. Our fragrances are safe (IFRA certified) and do not contain any harmful substances.

Have a question not covered here? Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry and we’d be happy to give you an answer.