Your Solution For Thicker Hair!

Let’s be honest, we all dream of captivating a room full of strangers with a simple hair flip. A hair flip that draws the perfect amount of attention to our thick, silky-soft, flowing mane. However, the reality is that we often torture our hair to a flattened, lackluster state. Now we’re passing along our insider tips on how to halt the ultimate enemy of thicker, fuller locks – unhealthy strands suffering from breakage and stress:



Shower your locks with nutrients

Biotin, collagen and keratin have been known to thicken hair while adding volume, strength and shine. Renpure’s Biotin & Collagen Shampoo and Biotin & Collagen Conditioner deliver an exclusive blend of vitamin B7 to give your tresses a healthy dosage of nutrients vital to helping thicken your hair.


Protect and nourish – daily

Protecting your hair from breakage, UV rays, color treatments, heated styling tools and other elements puts your hair in a healthier state – giving it the ability to restore its natural strength. Renpure’s Argan Oil Micro Mist Oil Treatment covers your beautiful strands in a lightweight mist that will not only help restore your hair but it also adds shine, smoothness and frizz control. Acting as a detangling agent, this daily mist allows for styling that won’t detour your journey to thick, gorgeous hair.


Part ways with your old style

You’ve likely been parting your hair the same way for years and doing so leads to strained, flattened locks. Give your age old part a break, flip it to the other side and create instant volume and a thicker look in seconds!


Style to thick perfection

Beautiful hair with magnificent volume is yours with Renpure’s Biotin & Collagen Blow Out Cream. Now you can get the look of a salon-quality blowout with this thickening cream packed with vitamins and nutrients your hair needs. This lightweight solution gives you more styling control, protects against styling heat and leaves your tresses feeling and looking thicker.


Embrace your natural texture

Hiding your natural texture by excessively turning to heated styling tools like straighteners will begin to not only damage your hair but make it appear thinner, flatter and less thick over time. Take advantage of your beautiful natural texture and even embrace your curls again with Renpure’s Cleansing Conditioners. Giving your hair time to bask in its natural glory will create healthier, fuller, more vibrant tresses.