Advanced Extra Strength

New for 2017 is our Advanced Extra Strength line up of amazing solution driven products meant to help you with any hair type problem you might be having. Whether you’re looking for thicker more voluminous locks of hair or in need of some deep moisture hydration for instant hair repair we’ve got you covered in with this incredible hair care assortment.

Not everyone has the same hair type, and that’s completely okay! We’re here to help everyone, regardless of their hair problem, with a solution that is just right for them. In this line-up we’re adding more of the active ingredients that your hair craves to stay it’s healthiest, strongest, and most beautiful.

More is more! And we can’t wait for you to try any of our Extra Strength shampoos and conditioners! All of our extra strength products are concentrated formulations of specific active ingredients that are all meant to provide you with a specific hair care remedy. Whether that’s thicker hair, shiner hair, more moisturized hair, or just overall healthier hair, there is a product for you.

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