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Go longer in-between shampooing with anyone of our gentle cleansing Conditioners. A Cleansing Conditioner contains extremely gentle cleansing ingredients that help to remove excess oils, build-up, and grease, but doesn’t excessively remove natural hair oils that are essential in keeping hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Cleansing Conditioners contain a rich-solution of conditioners that rejuvenate hair with natural essential oils and nutrients that stimulate hair shine, color, strength, and flexibility. By using a cleansing conditioner, you will notice hair that has become more moisturized, shiny, less frizzy and dry.

How To Use A Cleansing Conditioner – A Cleansing Conditioner can be used every day. However, it just depends on how your hair naturally is and if you feel that it is necessary to cleanse and condition with a cleansing conditioner. Because a cleansing conditioner is more geared towards conditioning than providing a deep clean – you will need to cleanse with a shampoo from time to time. When using a cleansing conditioner apply a generous amount of product to your palms and work through your hair from roots to ends massaging the product in the direction that your hair naturally falls. Leave cleansing conditioner formula in your hair for between 3-5 minutes to allow the product to fully moisturize hair – longer if needed. Once done, massage product out from root to tip following the direction that your hair naturally falls.

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