Hydrate, Replenish & Shine-on!

For those looking to cure your tresses of their imperfectly parched tendencies, we’ve got the nourishment and tips you’ve been seeking! Renpure’s rich, creamy Coconut Crème Deep Treatment Masque is infused with antioxidants and vitamins that provide your locks with an intensive conditioning treatment to help give way to smoother, healthier, more nourished hair. And, we have extra tips to help you (once and for all) masque your hairs imperfections:


Less time, more shine

Over-conditioning your hair can reek havoc on its natural balance of vitamins and nutrients – causing it to break, shed and major split ends to develop. While it’s tempting to think that leaving conditioners in overnight will yield better results, a 30 minutes is actually more than enough time when using Renpure’s rich Coconut Crème Deep Treatment Masque. After all, your hair can only hold so much moisture before it over expands.


Get steamy with it

After shampooing, towel dry your hair and liberally apply the Coconut Crème Deep Treatment Masque throughout, cover strands with a plastic shower cap and wrap it tightly with a damp, steaming hot towel. Sit back and relax for 20-30 minutes, rinse and reveal softer, more vibrant tresses.


Focus on your ends

If your hair tends to reveal excessive oil at times, only massage the Coconut Crème Deep Treatment Masque directly into your scalp area every other treatment. Regardless of your hair type, always focus the majority of your treatment towards the mid-portion and ends of your hair (especially when opting for a longer treatment time) as these areas tend to lose moisture more quickly.


Create a weekly ritual

Once to twice a week, post shampoo is a good rule of thumb for most hair types when using the Coconut Crème Deep Treatment Masque. However, we’ve made sure to formulate this amazing product so tresses needing an extra hydration boost can swap out their typical conditioner every other day for a 3 minute masque treatment.