Your Frizz Free Forecast


When it comes to life’s imminent hurdles there are: taxes, unexpected breakups, wine spillage on white tops, locking yourself out on the coldest evening possible and relentless run-ins with frizz. We deal with enough – so why must frizz be the icing on the cake?! Here’s the lowdown: dry, damaged hair leaves the outermost portion of the hair shaft privy to lifting and causing a look of disarray. During humid months, thirsty hair absorbs excess moisture in the air and swells strands into a nightmarish mess. Stop fretting though, we’re serving up Renpure’s forecast for smooth, defined control:



Real Pillow Talk

Unlike silk and satin, cotton and other similar fabrics actually absorb moisture. This means your beloved pillowcase is likely stealing precious natural oils directly from your strands while you sleep. So, regardless of your hair type, switching over to a silk or satin pillowcase should be in your near future.


Brush It Off

Before showering brush your locks with a 100% boar bristle brush to avoid breakage caused by typical bristles, lift natural oils away from the scalp for an even deeper clean and allow the natural oils of your scalp to nourish your hair.


Leave Harsh Chemicals Behind

Sulfates and alcohol, which are common in most shampoos, will do a number on your hair by drying it out and leaving it prone to swelling and soaking up humidity like a sponge aka major frizz. Therefore, finding the right shampoo is key. All Renpure shampoos are free of harsh chemicals and ingredients harmful to your hair.


Co-Wash It Away

If Renpure’s Cleansing Conditioners haven’t already worked their magical way into your life, they should now for the sake of frizz-free days. They protect your hair from damage while dynamically nourishing and replenishing natural oils – hitting all the high points for tamed, gorgeous locks. The newest Coconut Crème CoWash Cleansing Conditioner and Coconut Mint CoWash Cleansing Conditioner house an extra touch of coconut for added shine.


Treat It Right

Since most of us adore heated styling tools and the occasional color treatment, our hair is left screaming for moisture, nutrients, vitamins and plain ole TLC. To revitalize drastically dehydrated, frizz prone hair, make leave-in conditioners or deep treatments like Renpure’s Coconut Whipped Crème Leave-in Conditioner or Coconut Crème Deep Treatment Masque part of your weekly routine.


Bear The Cold

Giving your locks a cold water rinse prior to exiting the shower could make or break your frizz-free dreams. Cold water seals the cuticle to add smoothness and shine – giving it a much better chance of remaining shiny, healthy and frizz-free all day.


Gentle Towel Drying

If your version of towel drying means vigorously ringing out excess water, stop it immediately! Instead, use the towel to gently press and squeeze – not rub – out moisture post shower. Microfiber towels are even better than typical towels to use for this purpose because wet hair is very sensitive to friction and apt to easily invite frizz.


Style Properly

Applying a frizz-fighting product while hair is still wet is a must. Leave-in/styling hybrids are perfect options. Renpure’s Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist, Argan Oil Micro Mist Oil Treatment and Coconut Water Mist Leave-In Treatment are lightweight options that protect from styling tools, environmental elements, tangling and breakage while you style.


Avoid Frizzy Onsets

If your day gets long and the humidity begs to put a damper on your afternoon plans, we’ve got you covered! Renpure’s Coconut Oil Micro Mist provides optimal frizz control throughout your long day by smoothing hair instantly with a simple spritz. Rubbing a small dab of Renpure’s Coconut Oil Renewing Dry Oil to the ends of your hair will keep you frizz-free all evening long.