Extension Care 101

Sometimes we opt for the hair extension route because we want longer locks, and sometimes we just desire extra volume for special occasions. Whatever the reason you’ve chosen extensions, the next step is to ensure proper care of your investment. For a long-lived look it’s essential to nail down the maintenance rituals each extension type requires. To help out all our extension-loving ladies, we’ve put together this short guide:


The basics of extension care

If not taken care of, extensions have the ability to damage your own hair and will tend to last only a short period of time. This includes a daily brushing routine, frequent hydration and avoiding harsh and drying chemicals. Since the natural oils of your hair do not reach the tips of your extensions, they’ll need a little extra TLC.


Real human hair extensions

Washing human hair extensions with only sulfate or paraben-free products – specifically on the roots – is extremely important for longevity. Frequent hydration is also key. Renpure’s Bamboo Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner has an ideal mix of nourishing ingredients that offer weightless moisture and absolutely no harsh or drying chemicals. For easy detangling and styling protection, use a restorative, lightweight product like Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist. To avoid a stressful tug-a-war battle between your natural hair and the extensions while you sleep, skip going to bed with a wet head and try for a dry braid or pigtails instead. Find a gentle detangling brush like the Tangle Teaser so your hair is treated with care during daily brushing.


Synthetic hair extensions

Depending on the quality of synthetic hair extensions purchased, they can become dull faster and you can only use heat on certain qualities. Products free of harsh chemicals and packed with natural shine enhancing ingredients like argan oil will be your best friend. Try Renpure’s Argan Oil collection to lock in shine while protecting against heated styling tools and UV rays. For ongoing shine and style control throughout the day, Renpure’s Coconut Oil Renewing Dry Oil to aid synthetic strands.


Temporary vs. more permanent extensions

Clip-in extensions, halos and other temporary extensions used only during your day don’t require as much washing and that process should not be done as frequently. When it comes to more permanent extensions that will remain in your hair for 3+ months at a time, it’s important to wash more frequently and use extra care when styling. Regardless of the length of time these extensions will be in your hair, following the above guidelines per the hair type will help you make the most of your beautiful investment!