Create Beautifully Styled Curls

Since we weren’t all gifted with beautiful, flawlessly bouncing curls, some of us ladies have to do a little extra styling to achieve that desired look. We’ve put together 3 fail proof tips on making the most of your curl styling time. Follow this easy Renpure guide and rest assured that not only your first selfie will boast of brilliantly gorgeous curls – the last one of the evening will as well!


Curl up with the right products

Healthy hair that styles like a dream starts in the shower and ends in front of the mirror, which is why locating the right products is extremely important. Regardless of your hair type, Renpure’s Cleansing Conditioners will give your hair the clean slate it needs to be curl-ready. Aiming for curls that really pop yet maintain a soft, natural looking hold? Renpure’s Coconut Crème Curling Jelly Styling Gel will have you swooning! If your hair already has some wave or curl to it, Renpure’s Coconut Crème Curl Defining Cream provides curl memory, frizz control and gorgeous definition without weighing you down.


Add a little texture

No matter what style you’re going for, giving your strands a boost when it comes to texturizing is a must if you want major hold. Using a volumizing product like Renpure’s Biotin & Collagen Blow Out Cream not only gives you the styling control you need, but it also helps create thick, beautiful hair with magnificent volume. As an added benefit, this includes heat protectant as well – so style away!


Follow heat styling rules

After using a heat protectant like Argan Oil Micro Mist Oil Treatment, there are a couple of other rules you’ll want to be sure and follow. Using hairspray or a holding mist prior to curling isn’t a bad thing, however holding it too close to your hair and not allowing it to dry prior to applying heat is. Also, be sure let your freshly coiled hair cool down and set before letting it go. Want to make sure they have extra hold? Pin them at the scalp and put your blow drier on a cool setting. Let your hair down, and get ready for a beautiful day full of curls!