Cleansing Conditioners are here to Stay

Through the continued breakthroughs in science and technology we are learning more about our bodies and the world around them. With this continual influx of information, we are constantly changing our routines to make them healthier. We do this with food, clothing, exercise and even beauty products. The problem with this is we hear about the next “big thing” adopt it while it’s popular and then move on to the next “big thing” after that. All the while discovering that they actually were just a “phase” and not all that beneficial to our lives. Many hair and beauty care products and beauty regime “life hacks” fit into this category. However, there is one product that has been growing in popularity over the last decade and over the last few years has become “all the rage” in the industry. That product is Cleansing Conditioner and due to it drastically reducing the damaging effects of traditional shampooing methods and giving you healthier hair, it is safe to say that Cleansing Conditioners are here to stay and not just another “flavor of the month.”

So what makes cleansing conditioners so great?

Renpure’s own, Tom Redmond Jr., eloquently breaks it down in three main points:

First, traditional shampoos contain high PH levels meant to lift the hair shaft and allow the cleansing agents to remove oils and dirt from the hair fiber. However, this lifting action allows the hair to become susceptible to damage because the scrubbing motion needed to lather shampoo pulls and twists your hair cuticle resulting in tangles and breaks. Cleansing conditioners solve this problem, by requiring the user to apply the product from root to tip. This less abrasive motion considerably reduces the friction and tangling caused by lathering shampoo on the scalp.

Secondly, traditional shampoo remove some of the essential oils and vital nutrients from your hair, which is why you need a conditioner to replace the essential oils and nutrients that have been washed away. What is different with a cleansing conditioner is that it adds to your hair’s natural oils and nutrients, as opposed to stripping them away. The result is highly conditioned, healthy, and radiant hair.

Thirdly, as opposed to using shampoo, which can dry the hair fiber causing further damage, Cleansing Conditioners use a special conditioning ingredient which attaches itself to unwanted dirt and oils on the hair, and then is gently washed off with water. Cleansing Conditioners solve a problem consumers have dealt with forever, and in my opinion, this is not a fad, but rather an upward and permanent trend that has been increasingly attracting traditional shampoo consumers year after year.

Now the next time you’re walking down the beauty aisle, you can stop wondering what Cleansing Conditioner is and why it is taking up so much shelf space next to your traditional shampoo and conditioner. Instead you can stop to look at the bottles and make an informed decision on which one is best for your hair type. After all, what do you have to lose; besides that dry, damaged hair on top of your head?