5 Tricks to Maintaining Your Style While Getting Fit

If you’ve ever felt the need to choose between a good workout and your hair, you’re not alone. When you’ve recently visited the salon for an expensive treatment or don’t have time for a complete re-style post gym, the decision can put you at a standstill. To help you avoid this unruly frustration, we’ve put together our top tricks for keeping your tresses fresh during gym sessions!



Avoid the perma-crimp

Yes, the dreaded realization that you will have to sport a lovely indent and/or be forced to wear your hair in a ponytail all day is real. Skip this struggle by ensuring your hair ties aren’t super tight, or opt for a non-crimping option like Anthropologie’s Neoprene Hair Tie.


Keep it under control

A small dollop of dry oil like Renpure’s Coconut Oil Renewing Dry Oil can be used to smooth ends, keep hair around your face in place and help maintain your style for a post gym look  that will be great even after a hard workout.


Absorb the sweat

After your workout, use a dry shampoo near your scalp and comb through your hair while using the cool setting on your blow dryer. This will rid any sweat build up and a fresh look.


Take the no-poo route

If your week entails a major workout splurge, then simply go the cleansing conditioner route. Renpure’s Cleansing Conditioners offer a deep clean and complete nourishment for your hair. The fact it allows you to safely wash your hair daily without the worry of damaging it makes it a perfect option for those in the midst of an intense workout schedule.


Take advantage of the towels

Always try to use a towel on surfaces your hair (and face) might encounter while working out. Now you have a reason to use all those nicely folded towels lying around the gym!