Hair Care Free From Parabens, Sulfates & Synthetic Colors.

We're concerned about the chemicals that all of us are exposed to in shampoos and conditioners, so we've developed a new line of hair care products FREE from harmful chemicals.

About the Renpure Family

The Redmond Family 2015 The Redmond Family 2015

The Redmonds here! We are a family that has been involved in hair care for over 45 years. Our extensive knowledge in this field has led us to create a line of products called Renpure. As a private, family-owned company, we have the freedom to choose which ingredients we put in our products, and we choose only the best. We find no greater joy than giving you an inexpensive, healthier, and safer alternative for clean hair.

Our Mission

We are passionate about providing our customers with hair care that is safe, effective, and reliable. As a company committed to your well-being, it’s our responsibility to offer the safest, most affordable, highest-quality products for you.

Our Goal

We seek to educate our customers on the negative effects of conventional hair care products. We believe great hair care products don’t need to have big price tags, and we are confident that Renpure is the best alternative.

Who We Are

Renpure is a family-owned and -operated hair care provider located in Mound, Minnesota. We were established in 2008, and as a company promised to provide everyone with an affordable, safer alternative to conventional products during a time when consumers had very few affordable options. Today, we continue to operate under those same principles to offer our customers the best alternative without compromise.

The Redmond Family Leadership Renpure Leadership 2014

  • Tom Redmond III Operations Manager

  • Tom Redmond II President & CEO

  • James Redmond Operations Manager

  • John Redmond Market Director

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